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Triple digits…

Well, what do we expect right? We are after all living in Sunny California. Lately temperatures are rising and so are the gas prices. The other question would be when will the salary raise?

Anyways, 2 deaths in the music industry. Donna Summer and Robin Gibb both due to cancer. The music industry has lost two of the remarkable talents and artist. Two incredible people who made their respective hits and we are all still enjoying them.

On the other side of the world Italy was hit with a 6.0 earthquake. I am not praying but California is so due to a shook with mother nature. I know it’s coming and I am praying for it to be quick and no fatalities please.

Work has been cruel but loving the busiest part of it. Family is doing well except that┬áhub ‘s leg is swelling again and shortness of breath sometimes. Stubborn as hell and need to be just patience and understand how his stubbornness not helping with his condition. On the other hand my BP has been responding tremendously with the medication and hopefully when I see the doctor this coming week, everything will be a lot better than where we started off.

For now, I am wishing and praying everyone a safe weekend and Ciao!!!


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She has accomplished a lot things in her 13 years.

She has made everyone that she met and surrounds her with so much love.

She has many more years to accomplish and probably make her dreams and wishes come sooner.

She has made us her parents super proud of her talents, accomplishment, caring, sensitive, talkativeness and she make sure her feet are on the ground.

Francheska Anne, is her name. She is my 2nd born. She came into my life 13 years ago and our life has never been the same. We are proud of her achievements and how strong-willed of a person she has become.

She drives me and her brother crazy when it comes to cleaning up time. She is after all a kid but that is not an excuse.

Over the time and years we have taught her that everything has a house but seems she can seem to remember where their houses are… funny how she makes excuses each time I say ok it’s time to clean up.

But she never fails to brighten our days and make us laugh until we pee literally.

Cheers and Happy Birthday, Baby!!!

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Ladies in Red

No matter how older she will get she will always be our baby. Not so long ago I was carrying her in my arms, then she learned to crawled and eventually walk and run and now she is off to Middle School and a lady already.

Being a Mom you tried your best to protect her and her innocence but the world is a cruel place and she knows that already. I just home that I will be there when the cruelty of the world comes sneaking on my babies.

She got so stressed when she first had it but later on realized it’s part of growing up. This part I had her ready for how many years already but nothing beats when the actually things happens.

She was prepared but kinda scared. She is slowly changing into a young lady. No more chubby cheeks and she is into girly stuff.

My baby is becoming a young lady already…

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Wednesday Thoughts


I find this blue flower peaceful.

Sickness. One of the many things that I am so scared of. Hubby is sick again not to mention my Dad who got checked in due to chest pain. Good thing the blockage was doable with medicine plus putting some stents helped him really big time to breathe and not be short of breathe.

Work. I am enjoying work although there are some tension in the air. With the recession going on and some home health agencies are stealing some patients from us and here and there. We are all working fairly once a patient is referred to us we do to the best of our knowledge here in the office and on the field to provide for that patient.

Lunch Lady. Yes, that is my other business now. A simple loving of home cooking for the family and now for my officemates/friends ended up with a good extra cash for us. I am bringing food for 8 people for our lunch here at work and so it has been a good feedback. I am just running out of dishes to cook. A little experiment won’t hurt, right?

Lady Of The House. My routine since I started working almost a year ago. Imagine that I will be celebrating my 1st year being a working mom has and had been hectic. As soon as I arrived home it’s cooking while helping my kids with homework and tidying up. By the time I am done with all of these being a Mom and a Wife it’s time to sleep and off the alarm goes. Another day is here.

Plans. We all have a lot of plans and so far we are trying to fulfill them one at a day. 2010 will be visiting Philippines with the whole family and more for a reunion and hopefully some sight seeing as well. Planning of purchasing a house that we can call home. Enrolling myself to school again of what course still thinking about it.

The Battle. One way or another we had and have the battle of the bulge. So far I am currently losing weight slowly and surely. We are currently crazy with exercising and losing the bulge. We all want to be healthy and fit.

Trust. Friends/Co-workers/Boss has and have been trusting me with work, food, secrets that meant to remain a secret, guarded moments and moments cherish by close family knits. We are like family and treating each other like family as well.

Patience. Something I need to master on and lately I have been losing so easily. Pardon me please!

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The sky turned red and gray

Monday, as they say the most craziest day of the entire week. Actually, Monday is just the start of what would be a crazy week.

And imagine waking up to seeing thick like rain clouds with a hint of reddish color. You would be alarmed of what’s going on. Indeed there is a nearby brush fire with escalate to nearby house. Air quality would definitely be poor within the areas.

As the morning is starting to say “Good Morning!” The sky is clearing a little bit. A lot of road closures and detours not to mention some school closures as well. A lot of family has volunteered to evacuate their stuff little by little rather than waiting for the mandatory evacuation.

The morning that looks like night time has turn to a lot of panic and stress level is going up and it’s not going down soon. Before Kuya left for school we had a quick and express fire drill.

As I am going back to work. I am so worried of the situation. Red flag warning effective until Wednesday. Imagine that fire and wind, what a combination we are having on a Monday morning.