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Monday Fries

And because we love hurt comes with it… and we wonder and ponder upon of the many why’s….

And because we let our opinions be heard, we are bound to hurt someone…

And because no two human beings are alike a hustle and bustle and endless friction are bound to happen…

A lot of questions and endless answers can be thrown at anybody but no for sure answer can be given and no human can understand what our answers will be,because each human has their own beliefs…. beliefs that can lead to endless debate.

And then we wonder why are going through all of these….

And then silence.

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Heart’s day is just around the corner literally but then I asked myself why on earth I am feeling so distant and unwanted.

Perhaps we are just busy with work and being parents. Stress seems to kill it big time and I do not want this feeling to be so unwanted and alone. My thoughts go crazy…

Feels like I am better off being me… But then again I just hope that this weekend will change things and things will pick up and be back to where it should be.

Aaaahhhhh…. The ingredients of life and making things spicier…

Wish me luck!!!

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Our Friday

Since we didn’t spend our V Day on the actual day for we know all the restaurants and traffic will be one busy places to beat. We decided to spent today. As we send the kids to school the place is ours.

We finished up what needed to be done ate at Olive Garden, one of the many restaurants that has been a favorite of the family. We had lunch and talked for hours. The waitress can’t believed when we told her we are married. She thought we were just dating. (evil grin)

Anyways, V day shouldn’t be spent on that alone but the whole entire days of your living life. May you be married or in a relationship make an effort to spend ordinary days extra special.

We surely had a great one. Thanks Babe!!!

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Hello 2011

2011 is here to stay and as our year of the rabbit starts with a good note, I am crossing my fingers and toes that it will be like these for the rest of the year. A little scrape and bruises will be fine but no major, major things please… Be nice to us 2011.

I pray for strength, peace, understanding, trust and health wise be shower to all my loved ones and friends…


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Just like any dance a relationship should jive with the music and with the right moves.

Just like our feet we need to find the exact size for us to be able to walk properly.

Just like food with have to find the right combination for a fruitful and satisfying eat out.

Just like in a relationship we fall in love with the person that jives our pleasure and makes us happy and sad.

Just like in marriage we pair with the person we chose to be our partner for better or for worst.

Just like in anything, everything and something everything comes in pairs.

Because in life and love everything comes in pairs.

You love and you hate

You’re happy and you’re sad

For richer and for poorer

In sickness and in health

Death and life

and the list goes on and on….