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My 1st

Whoever enjoys their visit from their dentist must have some special ritual prior to being there.

Today marks my 1st ever overdue dental appointment in ages and I regret to say I should have done this way earlier. And now I am paying for the consequences of my phobia. I should have just leap like what I did today.

Now I have learned a lot and opened my eyes of things and how it should be handled. Better late than sorry.

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Happy 13

Thanks for a wonderful dinner Daddy. Had a great time. After dinner we played cards just the 3 of us for Francheska is in OC. Had boiled corn and ice cream…

Thankful for the blessings and learning from our mistakes. We are one happy, poor but proud family…

Thanks for all the greetings!!!

Looking back I wouldn’t change anything at all. When we got married there were people betting that we won’t last even  a year and if we surpassed 1 year we have until 5 years.

Look who’s laughing now… We are on our 13th year and honestly, married and life has never a sweet ride but we managed to stand up each time we fall and learn from our mistakes.

Happy Anniversary To Us !!!

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Today marks my first born’s 17th birthday. I still remember that special day 17 years ago when he came into this world.

He brought so much joy and happiness not just to me but to the people that surrounds him.

He was loved and forever will he be my baby.

Happy Birthday, Kuya!!!

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No wonder it there’s a party she can drive everyone nuts. Now I know from first hand encounter. I am so thankful for all the help but sometimes she just needs to relax, sit down and observed.

I can make things happen just keep my way clear. Everything went well until she got there and started being too excited that it half ruined my mood but I took it back and enjoyed the rest of my day 100%.

Sometimes, you just got to grab life by the horns and balls. Literally, speaking you just got to enjoy and have a grand time and just ignore those negative people.

I understand that you were like this and like that before but those days are gone by. You just need to accept that this is life now and it’s no turning back.

Lesson learned: If you can’t say something just walk away and pretend to do something else where. If you got nothing good to say just smile and exit.

♥ ♥ ♥

Photo above is Caylee. When she gets frustrated she puts her hand over her head and shakes her head in disbelief.

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DJ Uncle Bro John and Auntie Tita Mommy Ate

Had a great time with the birthday boy. We were supposed to be coming cause hubby ain’t feeling well and called Bro. and informed him that we are not coming. But then hubby was feeling a little bit and push through with the plan and we arrived late for some obvious reason, (kids 1st day in school lots of paper works that needs to be sign and luckily no homework yet).


Anyways, we all had a great time at the “Surprise party” and we all had fun and now time to sign off for tomorrow’s work and kids 2nd day at school…..

May your wishes come true and hope you had a blast!!!