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An old friend whom I happened to know sent me a message and told me that I have grown to a responsible and good person. He is proud of who I am have become. He even told him that I have truly grown in a beautiful lady. A great mother and wife.

I am so thankful for the kind words he shared with him and I missed him dearly. He is ok and doing well. Just like each and everyone of us who struggles with life’s daily drama, he is also able to cope with his.

I am so wishing that one day I will be able to see him and give him a big hug bear hug for I truly missed his company and watching the sunrise and sunset. Our long walks on the seashore and being a great friend.

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Green N Blooming

When I am repotting or simply looking at plants it brings me back to my childhood days. Where I see my Mom planting,repotting and making sure that her plants are growing properly, the flower blooming and the green is green.

As I was repotting my plants yesterday, it reminded me of Mom. Her love of plants and making sure that the house has plants in each corner. She always check on her plants and pulls the weeds out and taught me to always choose the right soil for the each plant.

She incorporates plants as part of her decorations, organizing and arranging things around the house. Even our bathroom got plants and the kitchen area too.

Somehow the greens and the colors from the plants somehow makes each corner of our house look alive and full of life.

And somehow I am enjoying what Mom has taught me. I love gardening, organizing, arranging things around the house and making sure that the house is clean and smelling fresh.

I have loved gardening for a long time. I even give some of my plants to friends because I got so much of it. When I buy plants I buy them at their smallest size but necessarily seedlings yet and I watched them grow and divide them and eventually spread them to friends and family.

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Black Saturday


As we all know it’s Black Saturday. Holy Week here in California is not a big deal unlike in Philippines. Although, spring break falls on the Holy Week.

Of course we still got work Monday through Friday while the kids are in San Diego. A much needed time off and away from our chikitings. They are having so much fun with their grandparents, Ninang and cousin. In a little way we will be picking them out at Orange County.

What’s a Mother and Father with no children for the entire week gotta do? We got a lot of time to bond, to experience being a newlywed again, working overtime but, honestly we are so lost without our kids. I guess we are so used of them being with us at all times. After work we always hurriedly comes home for we missed them and we want to be with them and we just can’t wait to hear their spring break adventure.

The house is quiet, clean and orderly. I missed their mess, their voices and just being a Mom again.

Hope you are all enjoying your Holy Week and

Happy Easter !!!