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Funny as it may sound we are all posting hashtag stuff to our daily status in Facebook, Instagram, Overgram and so on and so forth. Funny how all are so into this media social network and seems like you got a stalker knowing your every move and yet here we are still posting of our whereabouts, who we are with and as simple as what’s going on with our daily agenda. I for one is guilty of it as well.

Anyway, I didn’t even knew how this hash tag thing works and how it became oh so popular that I even ask my kids to help me with it on how to make it work. Funny how kids nowadays are oh so techie and yet back at my days we were so athletic and always on go and that is why I always remind my kids to stop, pause and enjoy your childhood.

Anyway, let’s keep ourselves updated with this new stuff and all.

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It that time of the year where some dread for it and others rejoice. I am both.

It’s the 1st day of school year 2013-2014. I am dreading this 1st day of school in a very particular reason. We fall on a school district shenanigans of shit. So for the 1st day of school my daughter has to walk 30 minutes going there and another 30 minutes. There’s a bus but it will take longer for it to arrived and wait for it coming home. Then got a call in the afternoon while at work that she got accepted to our district school. Really? You guys finally got the idea that you are our district school.

Anyways, finally the 2nd day we got to return the textbooks, go the other school and blah, blah, blah, blah and then go to the district school and enroll my daughter properly which could have happened way before but then I am thankful. And now she just walks about 10 minutes away from where we lived. Imagine that.

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Today marked my first-born 1st job. He will be living away from us and coming home on weekends only.

This will also marked the day that I am back to my full shift of being a Mom and wife.

He is my side kick and extra hand.

He did life a little bit easier when he is around.

I should get used to this setting for it will be awhile when things will get back to its order.

Good Luck Son and Make us proud!!!

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19 years ago I was a scared teenager and pregnant. But with my parents, siblings and closest friends, I endured that trial in life and became a better person. At a such young age I became a Mother, raising my son with the help of family and friends.

I just can’t believe looking back that it’s been 19 years ago and look where we are right now. He is in college doing an awesome job on the line of work he wants to have, an awesome brother to his sister, an awesome grandson and godson, friend and our wing man and definitely an awesome son.

Who would have know that the struggles and pain we endured growing up are the spice of our life and what made us strive hard to be better in life and as a person.

Happy Birthday, Kuya!!!

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She has accomplished a lot things in her 13 years.

She has made everyone that she met and surrounds her with so much love.

She has many more years to accomplish and probably make her dreams and wishes come sooner.

She has made us her parents super proud of her talents, accomplishment, caring, sensitive, talkativeness and she make sure her feet are on the ground.

Francheska Anne, is her name. She is my 2nd born. She came into my life 13 years ago and our life has never been the same. We are proud of her achievements and how strong-willed of a person she has become.

She drives me and her brother crazy when it comes to cleaning up time. She is after all a kid but that is not an excuse.

Over the time and years we have taught her that everything has a house but seems she can seem to remember where their houses are… funny how she makes excuses each time I say ok it’s time to clean up.

But she never fails to brighten our days and make us laugh until we pee literally.

Cheers and Happy Birthday, Baby!!!