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Funny as it may sound we are all posting hashtag stuff to our daily status in Facebook, Instagram, Overgram and so on and so forth. Funny how all are so into this media social network and seems like you got a stalker knowing your every move and yet here we are still posting of our whereabouts, who we are with and as simple as what’s going on with our daily agenda. I for one is guilty of it as well.

Anyway, I didn’t even knew how this hash tag thing works and how it became oh so popular that I even ask my kids to help me with it on how to make it work. Funny how kids nowadays are oh so techie and yet back at my days we were so athletic and always on go and that is why I always remind my kids to stop, pause and enjoy your childhood.

Anyway, let’s keep ourselves updated with this new stuff and all.

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She has accomplished a lot things in her 13 years.

She has made everyone that she met and surrounds her with so much love.

She has many more years to accomplish and probably make her dreams and wishes come sooner.

She has made us her parents super proud of her talents, accomplishment, caring, sensitive, talkativeness and she make sure her feet are on the ground.

Francheska Anne, is her name. She is my 2nd born. She came into my life 13 years ago and our life has never been the same. We are proud of her achievements and how strong-willed of a person she has become.

She drives me and her brother crazy when it comes to cleaning up time. She is after all a kid but that is not an excuse.

Over the time and years we have taught her that everything has a house but seems she can seem to remember where their houses are… funny how she makes excuses each time I say ok it’s time to clean up.

But she never fails to brighten our days and make us laugh until we pee literally.

Cheers and Happy Birthday, Baby!!!

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Our little lady

How time flies that our little kikay is slowly turning into a little lady. She loves fashion and honestly she picks nice fashionable cheap clothes. The blouse she is wearing was on sale for $6.78. Oh yes that’s how she spent and make the clothes she got worth a thousand bucks.

She is slowly growing into a young little lady. I missed those diaper days, sleepless nights and bottle milks. Good thing she is not into make up yet.

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Elementary days are finally over and as she gets ready to enter Middle School, she left her elementary school with flying colors. She was one of the few students honored for an award from the President of USA. How’s that for an award.

Surprise not really but they got some pretty awesome students in her batch. So the competition was kinda tight but nevertheless she is one of the few to emerged.

We are so proud of her hardwork and dedication and many more awards and graduation to go.