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How do you prepare when the dreaded call comes ringing your way? I for sure do not know what to expect. When that phone keeps ringing your thoughts go haywire and all the what if comes rushing in.

How can you prepare your family for what has or have to happen? Honestly, no matter how prepared you are there is no explanation of how will you received the news, how proper will you react and accept that dreadful news.

No, etiquette of some sorts can make you be so poise and proper and not even shed a tear. You just got to let it flow, be aware of your surroundings and just hang in there. It will help to talk to people who are close to the family and maybe share some happy stories. Share what they remember most, maybe a place, food, time or month. Maybe a favor quote or perfume or something to distract for a few seconds.

Death preparations can be prepared with the wishes of the going to die person such as flowers, what to wear, what kind of coffin, or for cremation what kind of urn, music perhaps, or if part of an organization they might have final rites for a fellow member. These simple things if prepared ahead of time and hopefully paid ahead of time will help ease of the family members left behind.

July 17, 2011 was a day we didn’t see it coming. A day where all our feelings, expectations and even respect fell out of the window. Instead of being consoled we all hated the people who think they know/knew of what to do.

We were nowhere near the area of the place where our Dad died and our relatives keep on insisting that we need to be there… and I wonder why? If ever we will be there will our Dad be alive upon our arrival, of course and plus we do not wan to remember him that way. And so we grieve individual, shocked and definitly numb of all the commotion going on around us. So we decided to visit our dad’s place later that evening and the first day of novena started as well.

Imagine that took this long to let this out for up until now I am still grieving. Didn’t even know that grieving can take years,months and maybe even a decade for others.

We are still out of words of what had happen. Still in shock that our Dad has join his maker and no matter what he ain’t coming back. He will be missed dearly and his abscence made a huge impact to all of us his family and friends.

But life must go on and that’s what we are trying to do. Get our lives back and grieve silently.

For forever he will be remembered, missed and loved.

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If things went the other way around it would have been the busiest week for me and all of us but then again HE got a different plan for all of us.

Today, would have been our dad’s 65th birthday. Another milestone that we had started discussing about almost 2 years ago. The place was already set and the color.

But then again he is in a much better place with our savior.

We tremendously missed and forever remembered.


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Tuesday Neknok

As the holidays are just around the corner I am feeling the blues. I missed Christmas and ringing in the New Year in Philippines. I missed the sounds of chopping, sizzling and the sounds of what I used to hear.

Christmas and New Year’s here in America is a whole lot different. If you got a big family and big crowd of friends or better yet invited to a party then it’s fun for that night. What happens the next morning is all up to you.

Miss ko na ang mga Christmas songs being played once “BER” hits and you can already see Christmas lights and decor. Dito sa tate wala pa. Kahit nga kami wala pa nga eh…. 😦

When I woke up this morning the cool morning breezy all of a sudden I miss HOME.

I wanna go HOME so bad.

I do hope that one day we will be able to spend our holidays in Philippines and let the kids enjoy and see what and why I longed to be home.

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Happy Birthday, Boss!!!

I am remember a long time ago where my innocent was slowly shuttered of the hardships and truth of life, that not all rich will be rich and not all poor are poor.

We all have our stories, our struggles and how we raised up from the fall.

Each birthday should be celebrated for each year you are grateful to be alive and well to celebrate it with friends, family, co-workers and employees.

Have fun and be happy. Celebrate life like it’s your last.

Happy Birthday!!!

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Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th Everyone!!!

Any superstitious belief you wanna share. I remember when I was a kid back in Cebu and one of our nanny’s will tell us stories of witches, ghosts, dwarfs, white lady and so on… When you are a kid each story felt so true and of course scary!

Every Friday the 13th it’s a treat for us to hear this unusual and scary stories and yet we never get tired of hearing the stories.

Anyways, enjoy your Friday the 13th and be careful!!!