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As we remember 9 years ago the attack in New York City. We also celebrated two kids milestones.

JD’s 5th and EJ’s 1st birthday. We all had fun and food was delicious. About 2 hours of fun for the kids and parents to mingle and chitchat.

A double birthday celebration that is spelled F-U-N…. while school is still out.

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Blu Monkey

Just got home from hubby’s elementary reunion. It was a success a lot of unexpected people showed up while the others flakes with imaginable excuses.

Blu Monkey is where they had the venue. It’s a bar and lounge in LA. I am not a bar person but this is not bad at all. A nice cozy place to hang around and out with friends and a few drinks. One of their former elementary buddy’s brother own the place and we surely had a blast.

So looking forward for more reunion.

School might be out but we had one blast of history all over again. Nice meet you guys!!!

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Wednesday Thoughts

As I got home today like the rest of the days since the kids school is out the house can be describe as one…. “messy.” Before I could even put down my things, here  I am picking up their shoes, socks and whatever is on the floor. I begged of them one more time to please help me in cleaning up.

I have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel on my right hand. But with work and being a wife and a mom how can I rest. So I asked over and over that help is badly needed this time. So far it has been doing well and I haven’t been hurting as bad as I was before. I try my best to let it rest and as much as possible lessen my work load on my right hand.

I dislike coming home to a messy home when all they did for the whole day was just being lazy. There were a full of dishes, glasses, pots and pans, and silverware inside the dishwasher and the stove was piled up with pans and pots of what they have used for the day.

As I am blogging I am resting and thinking of where to go next and where are they? Watching videos in their respective corner. I just do not know of what part of help they didn’t comprehend. Instead of yelling at them I just slowly cleaned up a room at a time. Hopefully I will be done before the weekend comes…. 🙂

They like to lived in a house according to them “lived in” and I want a clean and organized pad. Opposites really do attract.

Makes me wonder what’s instore for tomorrow?