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Scarlett Belle

031709grouppica Pic taken aboard Scarlett Belle.

We cruise the channel island in Oxnard and some quality couple time. Had to dream of owned one of the houses near the Marina’s. While cruising an unexpected lady dancing naked insider her house got a surprise of her life when she saw the boat full of people. Funny how her reaction was.

Food was great, the ambiance and the company. Just wished the kids were with us to enjoy the trip. Most of all we got in for free. A possibility to take the kids with us during their summer break. Just the four of us. I know they missed the sand, the beach and a home cooked breakfast by the shore.

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P Day


Monday is President’s Day.

Although some company are open like ours. School’s are of course closed. An extra day for my kiddos to lounge and just be lazy at home. No homework.

Here at work and just working making the day go fast so that I can be home and be with my kids. Enjoy your Monday and Take care.