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Labor Day 2010

Sunday was a day full of surprises and yet came out to be festive. In laws came to visit us but we ended up having a BBQ at one of my brother in law’s new pad.

Close friends came by and other’s went swimming while the rest of us watched The Sound of Music.

It’s one of those holiday/weekend that no plans were made but turned out to be a great day to hang out with family and friends.

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Let’s Walk

Walking has definitely one of my most favorite exercise. I have walked about 6 blocks going to work in the morning when weather permits. I have discover awhole lot what walking can do.

It benefits a lot aside from the cardio. It also makes me think positively and sets my mood great. It makes me release all the negativity I have feeling plus makes me enjoy the sun a little bit and the cool breeze the morning brings.

When asked where I am if I am not at home cleaning. I am out walking and just enjoying it.

I have used walking in reflecting a lot of things and makes my mind stimulate on what to do and what not.

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Black & White


Heard a loud knock by the front door and looked outside seeing a black and white police car. As we hurriedly went down at 4:00 in the morning, Kuya was already talking to the officer. He was just surveying by and notice that the garage door was opened and the cars were unlocked.

There has been reported burglarized homes but didn’t mention where. Just a precaution that we must locked the cars and keep the garage door closed. Just before we got here, it’s been a bad habit of theirs to keep the garage door open and the security system not set.

So later tonight before hitting the bed since we are still here I will make sure everything are locked and set. Enjoy your day and having a blast here in Kansas.

Just got back from dropping Dominic (nephew) to his school and had a great walk with Joan (sister) around their neighborhood. Nice houses, nice weather and great company. Weather wise it’s just about 61 degress and a high of about 65 degrees. Ain’t we loving the weather here…