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We all make detours and wonder the road of what if’s and why not’s but never stop believing things happens for a reason. We meet people/person who comes and goes but leaves some important footprints and lessons in life. We wonder and still acknowledge the scenario of not believing of believing.

Life is about possibilities and it’s endless… So start believing things can and will happen.

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Little did I know that it can and it will happen to anyone, including myself. Ashamed, not really. I felt, I have found something that I longed for but still would love to have a solution and not hurt anyone. A solution that would help me and the people around me. It may sound so selfish but honestly it’s the pretending and hiding that hurts the most. But being brutally honest is another one too.

How can you be happy and yet sad?

How can you move on and still stuck in the pass?

How can you be the other when someone has you?

Hhhhmmmm,a lot of questions running through my tiny head and yet I felt happy and excited to celebrate life and yet scared what people might say but then again it’s my life, right?

As much as I want to let go, I feel like I can’t and do not want to. I feel like it’s a mistake within a mistake. I know, it’s complicated and things will just get worst. Each step I take I always consider all of these endless questions I got in my head. The what if, and how could you and the endless of it…..

But then again if you’re happy and making you happy shouldn’t it be —— Go for it and have fun? Why am I feeling that way when I know that I shouldn’t be.

Confused, you bet.

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We all wear a mask for disguise and no ever knows we are all wearing it. Someone people are good at hiding while others really show what they feel, We often asked ourselves the many why’s, what’s and how’s but never had straight and concrete answer to it. Ever wonder why? Could it be because we are not true to ourselves?

Everyone faces different kind of problems from different walks of life. May it be simple to the most extravagant ones. A simple problem such as what are we having for dinner to our house will be repo.

See in life our appearance matter because through it we can easily pretend that everything is in perfect order and no one will see the mess that is about to spill. Although life is full of challenges with its ups and downs, we all manage to pretend and make that appearance work.

Making it work as if nothing is wrong. Amazing how such can be carried and calmly.

We laughed as if there is no one watching.

We cry as if we are smiling.

We dance as if there is no tomorrow.

We go with the flow as if we are the water.

Life may present many obstacles and hurdles but yet again we stand strong to face them one by one.

Like what they say when it rains, it pours and yet we stand and dance in the rain.




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Wednesday Dialogue

We all have a purpose for why, what and how to do with our life. The only problem is that we do not know yet (for some) what our purpose is about. Or maybe we already do but sometimes what’s more.

We lived in a world dictated by society. We want what others have and we strive hard to get that and not knowing that once achieve we want to accomplish more. We are never contented of what we have and always wants more.

We lived in a world that envy is inevitable. We lived where jealousy is right next to success. We gossip because that’s what everybody is doing. We spread lies and rumors not knowing we are eating our own words.

Sometimes, we need to learn to just sit back, relax and enjoy the moment. Do we really need all this negatives? Of course not! But these are the spices of life that makes others go happy and merry. Do we need to get affected? Of course not! But then again we are just human who gets hurt.

Just sharing my every hyper thoughts.