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We all make detours and wonder the road of what if’s and why not’s but never stop believing things happens for a reason. We meet people/person who comes and goes but leaves some important footprints and lessons in life. We wonder and still acknowledge the scenario of not believing of believing.

Life is about possibilities and it’s endless… So start believing things can and will happen.

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Doubt was there and played a big part of it, but still went through… And yet still doubt how things went through and why allowing things to push through and still in doubt of how it went through..

Still in doubt and kinda confused of the whole situation thing. Could it be that judgement was clouded with doubt? and still pursue the whole thing.

Could I have stopped it without any doubt?

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Tuesday 5

How time flies and look where we are right now…. in the middle of the year and it’s already ending in 5 days.

Oh boy… oh boy!!! How time flies and feels like in an instant that the holidays will be just around the corner.

A lot of things, stuff are going through my head as of the moment. Summer is here and in less than 2 months start will be starting once again. A different school year for others, different school for others and different approach of parenting all over again.

Life has been pretty rough and tough but as we all go through the cycle of life we learned to soften once in a while and we learned to bend and compromise and eventually learned from our mistakes.

Thankful for all the blessings coming right straight ahead of us. Very thankful but somewhat afraid of what’s lying beyond us.

We all dreamed of a happy everlasting but as we all know it doesn’t happened that way. In life we gotta be happy and be sad, it’s the balance of life.