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We all make detours and wonder the road of what if’s and why not’s but never stop believing things happens for a reason. We meet people/person who comes and goes but leaves some important footprints and lessons in life. We wonder and still acknowledge the scenario of not believing of believing.

Life is about possibilities and it’s endless… So start believing things can and will happen.

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Doubt was there and played a big part of it, but still went through… And yet still doubt how things went through and why allowing things to push through and still in doubt of how it went through..

Still in doubt and kinda confused of the whole situation thing. Could it be that judgement was clouded with doubt? and still pursue the whole thing.

Could I have stopped it without any doubt?

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Little did I know that it can and it will happen to anyone, including myself. Ashamed, not really. I felt, I have found something that I longed for but still would love to have a solution and not hurt anyone. A solution that would help me and the people around me. It may sound so selfish but honestly it’s the pretending and hiding that hurts the most. But being brutally honest is another one too.

How can you be happy and yet sad?

How can you move on and still stuck in the pass?

How can you be the other when someone has you?

Hhhhmmmm,a lot of questions running through my tiny head and yet I felt happy and excited to celebrate life and yet scared what people might say but then again it’s my life, right?

As much as I want to let go, I feel like I can’t and do not want to. I feel like it’s a mistake within a mistake. I know, it’s complicated and things will just get worst. Each step I take I always consider all of these endless questions I got in my head. The what if, and how could you and the endless of it…..

But then again if you’re happy and making you happy shouldn’t it be —— Go for it and have fun? Why am I feeling that way when I know that I shouldn’t be.

Confused, you bet.

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We lived in a world that it changes constantly… and when I mean constantly I mean constantly. We need to evolve with how the economy changes, how the season changes and not just be stagnant.

Life this days are never a sure thing anymore. Seems like morality when down together with the economy and everything else went high…

Anyways, just ranting out I am currently thinking…

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I am a helpful kind of a person but never did I know that someone can abuse it without me knowingly knowing it. Sucks! Right? I just hated it when you are being helpful to make things better and speed up the process but never in my wildest dream be abused.

Sometimes makes me wonder what were they thinking of doing such an act. Did it helped them and make their lives a little bit easier. A lot of stupid things running through my small brain right now that makes me question their act of kindness according to them.

You help because you wanted to help and not for your own benefit…. Oh Gosh Help!