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As you might wonder with the title, what does PT stands for? Hhhhmmm Physical therapist/therapy? or could be parental teaching? or could be physical tandem? or point  of teaching… Nah, it stands for Public Transportation. 🙂

It’s been years and I have been loving and enjoying taking the public transportation we have here and it’s called the Metro Bus. I have met a lot of people from different walks of life and even shared their problem/solution with them. They have become my different distraction of my daily chaotic life.

Each day going to work I always look for the time and opportunity to get to know them more each day and afternoon commute is with different group of people, more matured and more closer to me. There are mornings that it won’t be complete without seeing them. We discussed things like doctor’s visit, weekend plans and some work stuff.

I used to be so scared and ignorant of how and where to take the bus and of course I gotta learned to take the risk and get the hang of it. Now, I can almost go anywhere I want to as long as the ride permits and the time of course. Taking the bus from where I am is time limited.

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Vacation is never enough. We want more of it but then again reality has to pull us back and we need to be in tune once again of what we do best.

I am so expecting my work load to double and would take at least a week for me to be done. I guess my adrenaline was high enough that my work load of one week are done is just 2 days. Just imagine that and with extra calls and faxes to answer, I am on top of my game.

Lots of parties and meetings are heading my way, still manage to finish and meet my deadline on time.

I guess I really needed that vacation to recharged and refuel.

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Triple digits…

Well, what do we expect right? We are after all living in Sunny California. Lately temperatures are rising and so are the gas prices. The other question would be when will the salary raise?

Anyways, 2 deaths in the music industry. Donna Summer and Robin Gibb both due to cancer. The music industry has lost two of the remarkable talents and artist. Two incredible people who made their respective hits and we are all still enjoying them.

On the other side of the world Italy was hit with a 6.0 earthquake. I am not praying but California is so due to a shook with mother nature. I know it’s coming and I am praying for it to be quick and no fatalities please.

Work has been cruel but loving the busiest part of it. Family is doing well except that hub ‘s leg is swelling again and shortness of breath sometimes. Stubborn as hell and need to be just patience and understand how his stubbornness not helping with his condition. On the other hand my BP has been responding tremendously with the medication and hopefully when I see the doctor this coming week, everything will be a lot better than where we started off.

For now, I am wishing and praying everyone a safe weekend and Ciao!!!