The WordPresser

The many reasons why I love being Me….

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  • A mom to two kids
  • A wife to a patient, understanding, loving man
  • A sister, you can lean on and will never let you fall
  • A daughter who has proven time and again that I will always be here and there no matter what.
  • A friend who will always be with you through the good times and worst times.
  • A godmother, an aunt and spoiler to her nieces and nephews
  • A cousin who welcomes you with a great big bear hug and smile.
  • A neighbor and volunteer who is always willing to help and have the time to be there.
  • A sister and daughter in law who is envied and loved for being Me.

I am a woman who is living a life of simplicity and yet at times complicated…..

  • You can call me Anna or Carmela. My family calls me Ann, Anne, Anna and friends and classmates/batchmates calls me Carmela (weird huh!)
  • I love being a stay at home Mom and a Housewife, but now I am currently a working Mom and where most of my time is spent either volunteering, babysitting, running some errands and some odd jobs which I get paid but now where most of my time is spent at the office meeting with Nurses, LVN’s, Physical Therapist and a whole lot more. Where I work is mostly Filipinos and our boss’ are the coolest boss of all time. We do not need to go to work in our business attire but rather casual, (No Shorts allowed) but other than that we can wear anything that is appropriate for the office.
  • I love work although sometimes I felt guilty when I am so tired and felt like I didn’t spend enough time with my kids.
  • I am an OCD by nature but not officially diagnose.
  • A chocoholic and has a very sweet tooth to almost palatable.
  • Practice pilates( if I still got enough strength to do some sets) and loves long walks under the stars or sun.
  • I surf the net to learn just about anything and everything I want to know.
  • I love to cook, redecorated, sort things accordingly to their usage and items, organized an event and be just useful.
  • Hoping that one day I will be able to build my dream home by the beach, a vineyard and a ranch with all the animals and vegatables I want to raise and take care of.
  • The place I want to be are endless…….
  • My dreams are endless as well….. I believe that anything is possible if you put your heart, mind and body to it.

Why I created this blog:
To simply blog about my thoughts and welcome new friends. Along the way I found a place where I feel comfortable and safe. I know that there are lurkers, stalkers and bloggers who visit my site from time to time and you are all WELCOME…

A few people who knew that this site even exist and those few special people who happen to have stumble here are WELCOME and keep coming back….

This has become my other home and I am so honored to have you around and Enjoy!!!

Your comments are most welcome and appreciated. Let’s keep it that way. 🙂

Et Al:

22 thoughts on “The WordPresser

  1. hi carmela or anna?

    but i prefer to call you,Carmela, ok?……lol

    So i know already, i am very welcome here, can i come again?

    Nice meeting you Carmela…….

  2. Wow! Definitely a Super Woman of the lives of your family. They are so blessed to have you as a mother, wife, sister, in law and a friend.

  3. Reading your thoughts through the years made me judge you a strong willed woman and a great wife and mother.

    Keep up the good work and will be dropping by again and again.

    Just love the way you blog… 🙂

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