Grateful and Bless


Grateful for a patient, understanding, loving and honest husband.

Bless to be a mother to 2 adorable, striving hard and respectful kids.

Grateful for my family and in laws.

Bless to be healthy and alive.

Grateful for all the things we have today, yesterday and tomorrow comes.

Bless with friends who are by your side through thick and thin.

Grateful for people who sees the real me.

Bless to be an aunt to lots of nephews and nieces.

Grateful for all the challenges that came our way.

Bless to be accepted as me.

Grateful for all the ups and downs on life.

Blessed to be grateful.

Grateful to be blessed.

3 thoughts on “Grateful and Bless

  1. I am grateful and bless to have you around. A million thank you is not even enough for everything you have done and continue to be doing for me and us.

    Thank you so much, friend. You are a one in a million friend.

  2. Hi Carmela,

    If you don’t mind me calling you Carmela. I like it better. Anyways, you seem to be a very compassionate and loving person from the way you write your blogs.

    Hope you don’t mind me dropping in every now and then.

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