She is a delight to be around


Our own little Kris Aquino/Lolit Solis/Boy Abunda/Britney Spears/Christina Aguilera/Pussycat Dolls


She is  my other sidekick.


The other woman in my life.


She is a smart and witty young lady.

Never fails to make me smile and wonder.


She is the smaller version of me in my other life.


She is the 3rd girl in my hubby’s side and the 2nd on my side.


Spoiled by grandparents, uncles and aunts.


She will raised questions like no 8 year old can.

Leaving us breathless and squirming for answers.

She doesn’t stop until satisfied with the answer given.


She can be annoying sometimes with her endless questions,

but a delight and pleasure to be around.


You will surely miss her when she leaves for the room will be so quite.


She knows how to appreciate even to the smallest details.


She is honest and blunt.


She is Kuya’s secret agent.


She is a good help to be around.


She loves to read a lot and hangs out at the bookstore quite often.


She loves to go shopping and has a sense of style in fashion.


She is our Kikay.


100_2699.jpg     100_2730.jpg     100_2788.jpg     cheskadominicinno-mydrinkingbuddies.jpg




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