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Green N Blooming

When I am repotting or simply looking at plants it brings me back to my childhood days. Where I see my Mom planting,repotting and making sure that her plants are growing properly, the flower blooming and the green is green.

As I was repotting my plants yesterday, it reminded me of Mom. Her love of plants and making sure that the house has plants in each corner. She always check on her plants and pulls the weeds out and taught me to always choose the right soil for the each plant.

She incorporates plants as part of her decorations, organizing and arranging things around the house. Even our bathroom got plants and the kitchen area too.

Somehow the greens and the colors from the plants somehow makes each corner of our house look alive and full of life.

And somehow I am enjoying what Mom has taught me. I love gardening, organizing, arranging things around the house and making sure that the house is clean and smelling fresh.

I have loved gardening for a long time. I even give some of my plants to friends because I got so much of it. When I buy plants I buy them at their smallest size but necessarily seedlings yet and I watched them grow and divide them and eventually spread them to friends and family.


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