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Life has and have always been a battlefield. To me, I need to battle through whatever strength I can get to stay alive and be alive. There’s nothing new to what’s going on. Life has and have been a war zone to me. Fighting is a never an ending battle. What’s new? Nothing much cease fire comes and go and when the going gets tough the need to stay alive is a must.

But then again because you want to make things work you will try your best to reach to that finish line and hope that the war would end. Hoping against hope that when you reach that yellow line something good and a good one will emerge but then again it stays for a few days and then again back to the war zone. Sometimes I asked myself can’t we just move on and stay like what we used to be. In peace! I know it can happen and because of a whole lot of things going on and not to mention some stress of daily living. Life will become a battlefield. Well, it does end and in a few months, years who knows when it will spark again.

But that time we will all be in our combat attire to fight and win the war. I just hope that after a long battle of this war we will all emerge a winner and find something new to make it better.

Love is a battlefied and most definitely life is one too!


An ordinary citizen living, laughing, learning and loving life to it's fullest. A mother of two adorable kids. A woman understanding how the world can so nice and yet mean An adventurer of some sort of any sort.. Loves sunrise and sunsets, photography, the beach, being with family and friends, organizing a party, lending a hand, get to know me and you won't let me go or leave your side. Gotta be healthy, be happy and love endlessly. Ciao!

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