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A whole lot has changed and I know that it will continue to changed for the better. Has been using skype lately and boy it is such fun. Video chatting with long lost friends and relatives. Sharing stories of  their experiences and living abroad.

No matter how long you haven’t gotten in contact, once the warm greetings started the endless childhood memories starts pouring in and yet we feel at ease.

Thank you Skype. Till we meet again. A cheaper way to get in touch with long lost love ones, friends and relatives.

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Simbang Gabi

Of one of the many things during Christmas I missed most is the “simbang gabi” or dawn mass.

Unlike in Philippines, here in California their version of dawn mass or simbang gabi is literally at night-time and not dawn.

As much as others like me wanted to be part of this 9 days novena schedules, distance and luck of knowledge hinders us. Anyways, we still go to church and hear mass and make our own 9 days novena a success.

I missed the puto bubong after dawn mass, the familiar faces I used to share and of course fulfilling feeling of completing the novena.

I missed Cebu so badly…

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Thanksgiving lunch at work and one of our nurse’s 80th birthday too.

This year and the rest of the year, we are thankful for all the blessings that came in and out of our way. The triumphs and failure we succumb and never failed us to be a better person.

We have learned to be more patient, understanding and respectful to others. Although, there are those times when anger and temper rises that we sometimes raises our voices just to be heard.

Nevertheless, we are thankful, grateful and happy with what 2010 has given us.

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Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th Everyone!!!

Any superstitious belief you wanna share. I remember when I was a kid back in Cebu and one of our nanny’s will tell us stories of witches, ghosts, dwarfs, white lady and so on… When you are a kid each story felt so true and of course scary!

Every Friday the 13th it’s a treat for us to hear this unusual and scary stories and yet we never get tired of hearing the stories.

Anyways, enjoy your Friday the 13th and be careful!!!