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As little as we may know we are officially 5 months away from Christmas. The biggest question would be, Are you ready for another Christmas family/friends gathering? For sure, you would say why not, but deep inside you are reflecting and may even question of what had happened the past Christmases. Believe me, I have and had my share of up’s and down’s but never dampened my spirit. For each year it is totally different somehow the same thing, (You know what I mean).

Anyways, we should always look forward for spending some quality time with the people we loved and cherish those moments for we never know when will be the next gathering to see them again. And God forbids that the next time might be his or her funeral.

Gotta remember life is too short so gotta enjoy the ride. Do not let anyone ruin your moment nor crush your bubbly and uplifting spirit so they can shine with their bitterness.

Budget wisely my friends …..

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Today marked my first-born 1st job. He will be living away from us and coming home on weekends only.

This will also marked the day that I am back to my full shift of being a Mom and wife.

He is my side kick and extra hand.

He did life a little bit easier when he is around.

I should get used to this setting for it will be awhile when things will get back to its order.

Good Luck Son and Make us proud!!!