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2 sides

In every story there are always 2 sides to it. One might be told to how the other will look good while the other might be left untold. As the other story unravel and other listeners might get so enraged and get carried away of how the story was delivered and the other side of the other story we seldom forgets to be heard.

At first I just listened to whatever is thrown at me and soon enough I know the other story will slowly creep up and the truth will be revealed. Sure, enough for the other holder of that other story need not to be heard of what’s the truth for the truth will always prevail.

So before we judged let’s gather enough evidence and solve the puzzle piece by piece for we never know what more it will reveal as we solve and gather up the evidence. I for once or so did this and to may amazement I discover a whole lot of the other side of the story. A whole lot of what I bargain for.

Surprise? Not really. I just learned to understand more of what, why and how….. 🙂